About | WHY Blackbulb?

WHO IS Blackbulb?

My name is Emanuele “Lukin” Toscano, and i’m just a guy with a great love for photography. I started doing street two years ago because i felt that something was missing when shooting ruined buildings, nature, urban landscape. Life was missing. So, i started taking photos of people, stories, learning lessons every day, missing pictures and being lucky taking difficult one. I love street, because i learnt to love umanity, the little stories that surround us every day and the faces we see every day. Street photograpy is a great way to understand the world that’s around us and first of all, it makes me feel better.

WHAT IS Blackbulb?

Just a container of my works and my thoughts about street photography. I won’t write about the “101 great advices to begin shooting on the street” or “30 categories of street photographers”. I just want to talk about the process of taking a photo of a life moment. As you have maybe already read on the home page, this is about failures and successes of a street photographer. I will show you what i think are my mistakes, my missing opportunities. I will talk about hours on the street, not feelin’ confident and returning home with just one terrible picture and about the days when you wander with a smile in the face taking good pictures. Just this.