Sometimes a good story can cover up some technical issues.

Take this photo, that doesn’t follow the thirds rules, not really balanced, definitely not a “beautiful” photo. It was difficult to take…i was close to a glass window, one step back, and the wall around me would appear on my frame, as long as an ugly black tube on the the front of the door so, i had only one frame composition possibility and not a good one.

But there’s the story fortunately.

See the hands of the young couple? See the hands of the lonely man observing them, with envy, maybe? A strong symbol, two hands of two people in love and the lonely hands of a lonely man, closed togheter on the same manner. Maybe they’re even the real subject of the photo. It’s not about the candid nature of the picture, and not about the eye contact. It’s not a portrait and it’s not a love story. It’s about an hypotetical difference between a “love story” and “not having someone who loves you”. A difference highlighted by the space between the two subjects and also, “the indifference” of the others if you’re lonely and “how you exclude the world” when you’re in love, symbolized by the other people givin’ their back to the camera on the background.

And in this case, the famous ” thirds rule” could even ruin this photo.


Because the subject would be closer and not at the opposite side of the picture.
We can even say, that the subject, after this thinking, it’s the empty space between the two story, the “difference” has i wrote before, between a “love story” and “not having someone who loves you”.

Through the glass 11