02092011-030-Modifica-2Street photography is quite unpredictable. There are moments when you miss a shot and pictures come out different (better or worse) than you thought. Here’s an example of a photo that was quite a surprise. As you see, the girl is clearly out of focus.
That’s because she wasn’t my subject. In fact, i was pointing at the old man that you can see in the background, standing between the arcs, near the center of my composition. I took a pair of seconds more to shoot and check the composition, but in the meantime, these two girls walked in front of me, one staring directly at the camera. When i took the picture i realized that the picture i wanted to take, completely changed in a candid, out of focus, unpredictable portrait.

So, what to think about this photo? How do i rate it? A failure or a success? Let’s talk about the shot that i was taking originally. It wasn’t a really good shot, the man was distant and even if the eye contact is there, the composition was not so good too with the subject on the center  Even a little overexposed. That photo wasn’t a keeper, definitely sub-par.

But with girl on the foreground, even if out of focus, this photo acquires emotion, you can “read” different stories and see other details as the tattoo of the girl on the right. It’s a technical disaster, but it’s a photo that tells something.

And i think that’s the most important thing on street photography so…i rate this photo as a SUCCESS!